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Indianapolis Community and Life

Paula and Ines go head to head:Miami vs Indianapolis

Posted by Paula Henry on Jun 7, 2011 7:20:00 AM

This weeks guest post is written by Ines from Miamism. Ines and her husband Enrique are Miami Beach Realtors. Ines brings Miami to life through photos and her blog, which was recently featured in Forbes. If you are thinking about a vacation home in Miami, Ines is the Realtor I recommend.

People are drawn to my website, miamism.com because they say that my love for Miami is evident.  Who better to help you find the perfect home, second home or vacation getaway than someone who really has a passion for where they live?  Well . . .  I’m happy to tell you that Paula has that same passion for Indy and we’ve had a few conversations about this.  She is so convincing that now I really want to visit Indy and see what she is talking about!

Becoming a trusted source of information for you is no easy task and takes research and commitment.  Just reading HometoIndy’s articles on parks, monuments, places to visit, historic homes, local events just puts a huge smile on my face. So let’s take a look at different aspects of both Indy and Miami Beach and see why so many would be drawn to our fabulous cities.

Historic Architecture

Lockerbie Square Victorian Home vs  Miami Green Houses from the Past Victorian architecture against mid-century modern architecture may not be a fair comparison, but just shows how incredibly different and interesting both cities can be - and let’s not forget the modern gems that surround us either.

Places to visit - Things to do

Central Canal Towpath and Greenway vs New World Center in Miami Beach Gorgeous historic park and trail against symphony hall - maybe not such a great comparison either but shows lifestyle differences and cultural similarities at the same time.

Interesting Real Estate

Union Laundry Lofts in Downtown Indianapolis vs. Miami Condos by the Heat Stadium Now we’re talking!!  Historic Lofts in downtown Indianapolis is exactly what I like to hear when I think of real estate.  And in Miami, 4 new towers across the Miami Heat stadium just North of downtown Miami give anyone relocating to the area a bit of curiosity about the “hype.” I guess this “head to head” exercise didn’t lead anywhere but demonstrates that two very different cities, represented by two Realtors with passion, can be great resources for you, our potential clients looking to move into our awesome cities. Kudos to Paula for being your top real estate resource in Indy!